From Our Family to Yours

For over 40 years, Bradford’s beloved pizza restaurant, Pizza Napoli & Restaurant, has continued to serve classic Italian cuisine, bringing authentic homestyle recipes to the Bradford area.

With recipes passed down from one generation to another, our restaurant has always had strong family ties. Established by Gertrud and Italo Procacci, Pizza Napoli opened its doors in 1973 at the intersection of Interstate Parkway and North Bennett Street, or more commonly known as Bradford’s “seven dials.”

After years of dedication to the restaurant and the community, Gertrud and Italo wholeheartedly welcomed a new family to Pizza Napoli, passing down timeless recipes to the Gleason’s. On April 20, 2015, Sue Gleason became the new owner of Pizza Napoli & Restaurant. With help from Sue’s husband, Greg, and their two daughters, Samantha and Jessica, they’ve kept the spirit of Gertrud and Italo alive, making it their mission to preserve the original Italian recipes used at Pizza Napoli’s.

Just as the Procacci’s did, each batch of dough and sauce is freshly made on the daily, using a unique blend of well-sourced healthy ingredients. No matter how much time has passed, Pizza Napoli has always been committed to perfecting their pies so every bite is as tasty as the next.

chicken parmesan with raviolo and pasta
chicken parmesan over pasta
pickel pizza
pasta fagioli